Our Opening - May 9, 2014

Photos From Our Soft Opening

Server Staff - Pre-Meal Menu Review
Our Draught Tower - Craft Beer Galore!
Our Mascot - "Jevon" The Lion
Server Staff Numbering Tables
Friends, Family & Trades Waiting To Enter
Getting Ready To Open For The First Time!
Bartending Staff Getting Bar Ready
Microphone Set-up & Ready to Go
First Beer Sold To Old Brig Owner, Brian Leckey!
Brian Asking Nancy About The New Design
Serving Staff Discussing Table Sections
The Beautiful & Talented Mrs. Nancy Hadley!
TJ & Melissa Excited To Get To Work
The First Customers Of The Lion Rampant!
Nancy Making Sure "Jevon" Is Ready
Friends, Family & Trades Filtering In
Our Amazing Plumber, Andy, And His Wife
Matt Checking Out Ceiling Tiles
James Pouring A Beer For Matt
The Calm Before The Storm
Mrs. Nancy Hadley Enjoying A Beer
Andrew, "Jevon", Nancy & Cristina
Andrew Visiting With Friends & Family
Cristina & Nancy Enjoying Some Food
Dream Becomes Reality After Three Years
Some Amazing Local Craft Beer
Caroline Pouring Some Beer
Noah & Biddle Enjoying Some Food & Drinks
Herman, Andrew & Matt Listening To Biddle
Caroline Chatting With Biddle
Even At Night, The View Is Gorgeous!
Bruce Finally Relaxing & Smiling!
Biddle Telling A Joke?
John & Levi Kick It Up A Notch
Andrew & Jim, Our Amazing Painter
Even Chris Is Laughing At Biddle's Joke
Nancy Hugging "Jevon", Chef Duffy Looks On
Who Is This Biddle Guy???
Nicole Pouring Our House Beer, Innis & Gunn!
Chef Duffy Reviewing With The Kitchen
Mark From Mark's Instant Signs
Mrs. Nancy Hadley On Opening Night
Our Amazing Serving Staff!
Our Awesome Kitchen Staff!
John & Levi of Lawson Kelly!
Bruce & Andrew With Brian & Anne Leckey
Our Life Savers - The Amazing Trades!
Andy, Our Plumber, And His Gorgeous Wife
Andrew, Nancy & Bruce - "We Did It!"
The 3 Owners - Andrew, Cristina & Bruce
Cristina & Nancy
Andrew, Maeghi, Nancy & Bruce
"Roar Like A Lion!"
Chef Duffy & Andrew & Car Bombs!